Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

Flying Termites

For all those who are familiar with Cote d’Ivoire know what I am talking about. After a big rain, they come out of the ground during the night, attracted to any light to mate and then they are everywhere.

We never know if we should leave our porch light on during the night because of security or switch it off because of flying termites. So we left it on the other night. The next morning we were flooded with wings and some termites still alive.

They were in everything on the porch, mangos, ignyams, baskets, washing mashine, etc. Brushing them off with a broom is not that easy as the wind just blows the wings all back. So I shoveled them away from the house. Kids here like to collect and roast them to eat. Delicious!!

So what are you suggesting? Leaving the porch light on or off for the night??? Security is an issue though here in Bouake. PTL, we didn’t have any security issues yet since the French military left the campus!!!